Art Works Released 2015

Asylum Seeker in Flames

29 cm x 40 cm Watercolour and Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper

Children on Trampoline

100cm x 75 cm Oil on canvas

Chinese Student Lovers

100cm x 75cm Oil on canvas and mixed media

Last Hours; Death of Artist's Father Jack, 2009

The ’hardest drawing‘ the artist has ever done in his life 40cm x30cm Pencil on watercolour paper.

Snap Dragons and Pop Corn

Watercolour on watercolour paper 38cm x 20cm

Lobsters Mating

Watercolour and mixed media of watercolour paper. 55cm x 50 cm

The Red Nude; Asian Woman Dyeing her Hair Red

100cm x 75cm Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
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