A "Time of Revolt" 1965-75.

Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney

Oil on hardboard, 45cm x 60cm, 1966.

Back Street, Cooks Hill Newcastle

Oil on hard board, 76cm x 60cm, 1965.

Newcastle Warfie

Oil on canvas, 8in x 10in,1965

North Coast Tourist

Water colour 14 inch x 12 inch, 2007.

Home Landscape; Lake Macquarie

4ft x 5ft, oil on hardboard, 1974.

Vietnamese Victim

(lost or destroyed).1972

US Soldiers in Vietnam

Pen and ink, 7in x 8in< 1970P>

Study for a Vietnamese Guernica

Oil on Canvas, owned by Australia War Memorial Canberra.

Vietnamese Victims

pen and ink, 5in x 4in< 1966/P>

Wounded US Soldier in Vietnam

Oil on hard board (lost or destroyed)

They Will Not Hear; Still the War Goes on

Oil on Hardboard, 90cm x 40cm

Australian Conscript in Vietnam

Silk screen print,13in x 11in, 1970

Drawing Study of Icarus Falling

Pen on paper, 12in x 10in.1970

Napalmed Vietnamese Victim

Pyroxalyn 4ft x 3ft, (lost or destroyed)

Balmain 'Nude Study'

Pyroxalyn 92cm x 123cm, 1967

Dream of Peace

Pyroxalyn Blue toned print 3ft x 4ft, Sold

The Struggle for Peace

Pyroxalyn 6ft x ft, (lost or destroyed)

Study for Intimate Mother and Child

(damaged)Black chalk on paper.

Intimate Mother and Child

Ppyroxalyn Sold Flinders Uni Art Collection, SA

The Pregnant Model

Pencil on Litho paper ,19in x 17in, 1967

The Artist

Work on Walls of Art Gallery of NSW for Travelling Scholarship 1968-9

The Blood of Children

(from a poem of Neruda... and through the streets/the blood of children flowed.../simply like the blood of children...') Oil on canvas. 105cm x 93cm

Mother and Child on a Highway

Acrylic and oil on hard board, 120cm x 120cm 1973?
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