Notebook Articulations

On my quiet sojourn along the makeshift battle lines, I have noticed a few things that I deem important.

Great art and culture always creates types of essential and energetic ‘counter worlds’ (these can be figurative or non representational, etc) that experiments and deals in an mock and pretend way with real illusions, so as to discover and extend the possibilities of humanity’s inner and outer life of intense desires, wishes, identities and awesome fantasies, that can grip peoples hearts and minds and can sometimes take great historical moments, or generations to be revealed.

Great art doesnt just come from much over -active cultural activity. But from the direction in which it pushes forward. It can sometimes arise from a poverty of resourses.

An important art and culture doesn’t just provide novel diversions and entertainment or upper class taste (although it can include these aspects) but changes something essential within humans and aids them to adapt with their inner imaginative needs and affective worlds and reorient them to humongous new challenges, which can be either constructive or destructive and move culture forward or backward and will seek in a massive new and old ways different or similar kinds of reorientation

Chinese Rural Worker Washing her Hair - 4ft x 4ft 6in ,coil on canvas,2010

Chinese Rural Worker Washing her Hair - 4ft x 4ft 6in ,coil on canvas,2010

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