Life isn't a cabaret, but a unique journey. Today's afternoon sun is hitting the passion fruit vines on the back fence and the blue shadows are creeping up the garden lawn. For over five decades, I've been creating visual art, writing, and teaching and this could be seen on one hand as a long haul, but on the other, it might be observed alternatively as a passionate and fascinating quest and creative endeavour.

I've discovered that my entire oeuvre of many hundreds of paintings (perhaps a thousand) and thousands of drawings, poems and prints, etc, when looked at closely forms a kind of Chronicle, which I will refer to as A Cornish Chronicle, or a ancient feudal type of Calendar of the Seasons, reflecting my own creative changes as well as transformations in a half century of important and formative history.

Fifty years of creativity forms a small, but lengthy and emotive series of mirrors that can be held up to these exciting and dramatic times through which I and others have lived.



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