List of some Art and Literary Reviews 

‘Corowegians and Others' by Elizabeth Riddell, The Australian, 5 July 1975.

Profile of Author’ ‘Man of Letters’ April? Womans Weekly.1975.

‘The Absence of the Vital Core’ John Tittensor review, National Review, 11 July 1975.

‘In Search of Lilith’ Geelong News 8 July 1975.

‘This Ridiculous World’ review by L.V Kepert Sun Herald 6 July, 1975.

‘Portrait of a Woman’ Review by Nigel Krauth, Bathurst Advocate. Sept 75.

‘Cornish and Mark Koludrovic’ Felicity Fenner, Periphery Issue No 3 May 1990

‘Artist Honoured by Recognition’ Adele Twomey, Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth 2 Nov 1990

 ’The Woman Lilith’ Review Nigel Krauth, Westerly No. 1, pp 87-89 March 1976

‘Adams First Wife’ Mark McLeod Sydney Morning Herald 15 Feb 1975

‘Humanist Finds High Romance’ Christine Ross, Newcastle Morning Herald 20 Oct 1974

‘Contemporary Art Soothes, Excites’, Dora Chapman, TI Advertiser 24 Oct 1969

Art Criticism by Richard Cornish


Acclaimed best Art Review on artist Brett Whitely’s art and life ‘Oz Artist’s High Wire Act’ Anthology of Essays pub Lismore Regional Gallery, Nov 1999 

Art Review of Asia-Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery, Nimbin News. The Third Asia –Pacific Triennial Excites and Inspirers’  Nimbin News, Nov 1999 

Review of Asia Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery Confronting Eastern Dragons’  Northern  Star Newspaper, 1996. 

Lecturers Protest Painting Goes into War Memorial, Smartarz Uni magazine May 1993 

On Peter Fuller: Death of Leading Art Theorist   Chiaroscuro, July 1990 

Delzoppo’s Dialogue, Periphery Art Magazine, issue No 6, Nov 1990 

Across Cultural Lines Statement on Multiculturalism Grafton Gallery Oct 1997 

In Response to Criticism (Reply to Felicity Fenner) Periphery Issue no 4, Aug 1990 

Wanted! An Ecological Aesthetic For the Antipodes’ Periphery No 8 Feb 1991


Letter to Editor 'The Australian,' Review, News and Views'  'Camille's Conciet ' Response to Camille Paglia's article,pub;  Oct 27-26th, p3 2012.


Collections; Canberra War Memorial, Anne Von Bertough collection. Flinders university of SA. High Schools in Newcastle. Also works are in private collections in capital cities  Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra,Melbourne and across Australia, as well as Israel, Russia, Denmark and Great Britain.

Asked to submit visual images for the Sydney Olympics with 12 other Australian artists, only to have them rejected because I ‘wasn’t dead’ yet (Cheaper copyright).


Videos made by myself for my students on my own ‘1968;the Year of Revolt’ .made 1989.

Art Evaluation Criteria Art Education video with myself as main spokesperson in 45 minute, group video made at Sydney C.A.E at I.T.A.T.E Library, 1989

1968: The Year of Revolt 40 minutes 1989

Acting One’s Age; Four Dialogues with Time 45 minutes 1992


An Art Exhibition in Beijing inside Forbidden City (Wan Fung Gallery) was negotiated (March 2002) with Assistant Director Hopkin Huang but has since fallen through.


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