Art Works 1985-95

Newspaper photo of 'Pub Politics

1975. Done during the dismissal of the Whitlam Labour Government

Tribute to a Twelve Year Marriage

Quadtitch, oil on canvas, 120 cm x8 ft1984


Anna in a Bean Bag

Oil on Canvas, 120 cm x 120 cm1980


Contemporary Road Workers

Oil on Canvas 132 cm x 132 cm,1981


The Expulsion from Paradise with Flamingos

Oil on Canvas. 124 cm x 124 cm,,1981


Study of Two Shells

15 in x 16 inch, oil on canvas, 2006.


Australia; the Land of Cockaigne

(After Breughel) Oil on Canvas (sold).


Venus with Surfboards

Central panel of quadtitch. Oil on Hard Board, 94cm x 126 cm1975.


Young Woman with Lilies; Lake Unsworth

(great painting)oil on canvas,980 cm x 12oo cm,2007