Indian Studies

The Clother Dyers of Old Delhi

Centre Piece of a Triptych' Watercolour on watercolour paper, 70cm x 50cm, 1980(the other two panels are also available)


The Carver of Small Elephants

Oil on canvas 65cm x 60cm, 1983


On the Himalayas

Brush and ink study on paper, 10in x 9in, 1980


Study 'The Carver of Small Elephants

Ink on paper, 10in x 8in, 1981


Not Augers Well for Craver of Small Elephants

Brush on watercolour paper. 10in x 8in. 1980.


Study of a Sikh Head

Brush study on paper, 60cm x 60cm, 1982.


The Sculptor of Goddesses; Jaipur

Black chalk drawing on paper 3ft x 2ft, 1982


Indian Woman Washing her Hair

Brush and ink study,10in x 12in, 1980.


The Sikh Pruner of Trees

Oil on canvas Board' 50cm x 40cm, 1984


Study Indian Street Scene

Brush and ink study, 12in x 7in, 1980.


Punjabi Wedding Night

Acrylic on cardboard.50cm x 40cm, 1984


Indian Street Scene

Oil on canvas, 126cm x 97cm, 1982


Western Nude in Chundigah Hotel Bedroom

Acrylic on cardboard, 16in x 18in, 1980