Art Works Released 2013

Palestinian Boys with Slings and Stones

Oil on Canvas.  20cm x 23cm.  2013.

Boy Dressed in Superman Costume

Oil on canvas 30cm x 39cm, 2011.

Small Boy Drawing

Watercolour, gold leaf and mixed media. 76cm x 55cm. 2013.

Portrait of the Artist's Mother; Mary-Jane

Pencil on watercolour paper. 26cm x 26cm. 2012.

Study of my Mothers Arms at Ninety

Pencil on watercolour paper 56cm x 76cm. 2012.

Down Amoung the Frogs

56cm x 76cm. Watercolour and mixed media, 2013.

Young Chinese Lovers from the Mountains

Watercolour and Mixed Media. 56cm x 76cm. 2013.

The Artist and Model

Watercolour and mixed media 56cm x 76cm, 2013.

Sleeping Sage by River

56cm x76cm, watercolour and mixed media, 2013.

Pregnant Chinese Woman and Sage

Centre panel of triptich, 56cm x 76cm, watercolour and mixed media. 2013.
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