Anatomic and Expressive Drawing Studies

anatomic female study

Pencil study on paper, 18in x 16in,1967.

Female Torso Nude

charcoal on paper(slightly damaged) 3ft x 2ft 1973

Female Nude on Drawing Donkey

Pencil on paper, 10in x 12in, 1967

Reclining Heroic Male Nude

Pencil on paper, 10in x 12in, 1967

Head Study of Gabriella

Pencil on paper, 16in x 14in, 1967

Anatomic Study ' Nude Sitting

Pencil on paper, 16in x 18in 1967

'Study' Nude in Space

Pencil on paper 16in x 18in,1967

Study 'Mother and Child for Painting' The Blood of Children''

Black chalk on paper,(slightly damaged) 2ft x 2ft 6in

Figure Study; Isis S ; the model who later Suicided

Conte crayon on paper, 2ft x 3ft, 1978.

The Tear

Black chalk on paper' 80cm x 60cm, 1975.

Child on Potty

Brush drawing on paper ,9in x 7in.

Denise: the Dutch Model

Drawing pen on paper, 12in x 14in, 1979.

Goddess among the Paw Paws

Pencil on watercolour paper, 3ft 6in x 2ft 6in 1987

Horse Rider and the Call of Nature

Brush drawing on paper, 16in x 18in, 2003

Call of Nature with Puppy

Brush drawing on paper, 10in x 12in, 2008
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