Art Works Released 2014

Girl with a Flute

Oil on Canvas,  90cm x 6ocm, 2014.

Closing Time: Last Waltz Across the Universe

Mixed media on Watercolour paper,  41cm x 29cm.2014.

Of Rats and Rodents

Pencil on Drawing Paper ’  58 cm x 40 cm. 2014.

Of Toads and Toadies

Pencil on Paper ‘  58 cm x 4o cm,  2014.

Of Pigs and Hogs

Pencil on Drawing Paper,   58 cm x 40 cm, 2014.

Africa Weeps

Oil on Canvas,   40cm x 5ocm, 2014.

Premonitions; Elderly Woman with Teddy Bear

60cm  8o cm. Pencil on watercolour paper.

Still Life with Candles, Bottles with Time Passing

70cm x 5o cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014.

Koala Bears in Mist and Reflected in Water

(two panels) 110 cm x 160 cm ,  Brush Drawing on watercolour paper.

Koala Bears in the Mist

55 cm x 80 cm. Brush drawing with mixed media on paper, 2014.
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